Fot. Bartlomiej Kuta Hello ! my name is Dariusz Zarod. I am a photographer from Tarnow, located in Southern Poland. I am thirty seven years old and Photography has been my passion from a very young age. I specialise in landscape and travel photography and I have enjoyed taking photographs for above ten years. Being a dedicated photographer, my camera goes everywhere I go. In my work, I only use professional colour reversal film mainly Fuji (Velvia, Provia, Astia). I prefer quality to quantity so I choose only the best slides from many shots. As a free lance photographer I am working with publishing houses and Photoarchives. I intend to start cooperation with clients within Europe. I have subjects from Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia...
My Photography is aimed at the general market with publishings in several areas: Magazines / Press / Present Books / Calendars / Educational Books and others. My file contains above 50,000 diapositives 35mm, 6x4,5cm, 6x6cm.
I also cooperate with agencies, from all over the world. For example: reputable photo agency based in Moscow & Warsaw: East News and Pacific Press Service based in Tokyo, Japan. If you are interested in my photos and intend to use them (commercially) I can send you a CD-Rom with lowreses and price-list

Individual exhibitions:

1.  "HEADS"  Gallery WSP, Cracow '94
2.  "PHOTOGRAPHS"  Photo-Gallery MILA, Cracow '94
3.  "METAMORPHOSIS"  Photo-Gallery MILA, Cracow '95
4.  "AFFIRMATIONS"  Gallery BP, Tarnow '95
5.  "FACES, GESTURES, GLANCES"  Gallery MFK, Tarnow '96
6.  "LANDSCAPES WHICH DON'T EXIST"  Gallery TCK, Tarnow '97
7.  "LANDSCAPES AND PORTRETS"  Gallery MFK, Tarnow, July-August 2000
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